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Memory; Lost and Found

This project explores the relationship between those living with memory issues such as dementia or Alzheimer's, and their caregivers. This series of nine images introduces viewers to three couples; Kipp and Leslie Price, Dwain and Mary Dewey, and Gene and Doriene Swabby. Kipp and Dwain both are participants at the Deeper Window organization in Leavenworth, Ks. With Deeper Window, the pair is able to travel somewhere in the area on Tuesdays and get together as a group on Thursdays. These opportunities allow for community among participants, all of who have dementia or Alzheimer's. It also provides respite care for caregivers and spouses. 

Gene and Doriene Swabby are my grandparents. In recent years, there has been more challenges thrown their way, but with over 60 years of marriage, the pair still lives independently. Grandpa Swabby was the source of inspiration for this project, as I have spent the last several years taking photos, writing down stories of his life that he tells, and digitizing old family photographs. 

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